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Getting more people hitting more tennis balls

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Tony Hawks:

Tony is a broadcaster, filmmaker, comedian, best-selling author and co-founder of Tennis For Free. Tony has had a passion for tennis since he was a young boy. This passion has been carried through into his adult life as a coach, amateur tournament player and general tennis enthusiast. Tony’s belief that tennis is a sport which can be enjoyed by anyone for life drove his ambition to found Tennis for Free in 2005. Tony’s vision is to create vibrant stand alone tennis communities of all ages and abilities across the UK utilising public park court facilities on a regular basis FOR FREE.

Patrick Hollwey:

Patrick is a successful fashion entrepreneur and company director. He made his first mark in fashion as Production Director with Fenn Wright Manson. Patrick’s passion for tennis led him to co-found Tennis For Free with Tony. Patrick is a certified assistant coach who plays regularly with his three daughters. Patrick volunteers as a coach on a regular basis with Tennis for Free’s Rushmoor site in Manor Park, Aldershot.

John Kinder:

John is Executive Chairman of his own private equity group and was formerly a Director of Man Group plc. John supports a variety of charities in the arts, sports and health as a philanthropist and advisory board member. John is also a trustee of the the Eric Evans Memorial Trust. John’s enthusiasm for tennis was sparked from watching his daughters play tournament tennis as teenagers. This enthusiasm for the game has led him to buying a half share in the Georgians Tennis Club in Crouch End, London.