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TFF's "PICNIC IN THE PARK" on 29th/30th June

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10 Jun 2024

The year was 2004 when co-founders of Tennis For Free, Patrick Hollwey and Tony Hawks got their heads together on a scheme that would break down the barriers of grass roots tennis and re-invigorate park tennis courts. Later that year on the weekend coinciding with the 29th/30th June, the first TFF sessions were launched simultaneously at Patrick's TFF site in Manor Park (Aldershot) and Tony's site at Joseph Hood Recreation Ground in Merton. 20 years on, those two sites are still going strong and so are 38 others around the UK. In fact, 20 years of TFF sessions have seen more 235,000 recorded tennis experiences, 2 national junior champions (who started their journey with TFF), a series of players with full scholarships to US colleges and a whole host of other success stories.

To celebrate our 20 year anniversary, we're inviting you to your local TFF session on the 29th or 30th June and as well as bringing your racquet, bring a backpack of food, drinks, treats and snacks (whatever you would like to eat/drink in a post session picnic celebration) and following the standard TFF session, join the rest of the TFF group at a location very close to the courts and tuck in!!.

Please rally around your friends and family and make this one of the most vibrant occasions of the year & of course get some photos of the event for social media, please.

The event is happening at every TFF site, but not of all of our coaches at the venues will be in attendance due to post session work commitments, but that shouldn't stop you or your fellow TFF attendees organising the picnic separately and making the event a memorable one, to celebrate our memorable milestone.

And to add to the fun and suspense, one TFF site will have a very special celebrity guest joining them for the picnic. Nothing will be announced and they won't announce their arrival locally either, just enjoy a sandwich and cake and if you happen to be joined by our special guest, you're in for an extra treat.

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