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As the proud winners of TFF's Site of the Year 2016 and the following year with a TFF Player of the Year for our much loved 'Wolfie', TFF Hednesford Park welcomes you to join us at our friendly TFF Site in the heart of Staffordshire. As well as the TFF session, we've got a full programme of activity at the park and via the linked supporting Tennis Club - Cheslyn Hay Tennis Club. Please do join us at our TFF sessions on Sunday morning and you're very welcome to join our taskforce and help us achieve new and exciting things fro our community going forwards.


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Hednesford Park
As well as TFF session, there is also 2 other programmes running at this venue

Chase Emotional Wellbeing GP Referral Scheme

The Chase Emotional Wellbeing is a support service whereby GP referred patients are recommended a series of activities through the programme to aid recovery and improve mental health and wellbeing. The service directly feeds into the main Tennis For Free sessions.

Positive Futures Scheme (Police Social Inclusion) scheme 

This scheme, running at Hednesford Park forms part of a series of physical activity sessions as part of the government Positive Futures initiative whereby referred individuals from crime and anti-social behaviour are supported with a series of sports and activities across the week at various venues. The tennis version of this programme takes place at Hednesford Park.

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